The Art Club
You will find us in Calle Manuel Cantos in San Pedro Alcantara.
close to the church in the centre of town.
Walk past the Church on the left hand side of the road and we are the turning on the left next to the furniture shop.

There is plenty of metered parking in the side streets if you can find it.
Alternatively you can park on the market ground for free every day except Thursdays. It is then a five minute walk to the studio.
There is a car park in the centre of town under the Church Plaza.
Beware of the prices as it could cost you up to 14 Euro for the day.


No 77/78 drops off at Calle Estaban San Mateo, around the corner
from Calle Manuel Cantos
No 79 drops off at the bus station in the boulevard. From here it is
a 5 minute walk up C/ Marques del Duero (pedestrian street)
until you reach Telepizza on your left. Walk through the alleyway
and you will see the Art Club.
art club